FitPro 2.1 Released!

A new version of FitPro is now available that has some bug fixes, new features, and is fully compatible with WordPress 3.2.1. To download the latest version simply login to your Press Coders control panel and download the zip file from there.

To help you upgrade with the minimum of fuss you can also find an upgrade document (pdf) in the FitPro forum, at the top as a sticky thread.

Some of the new features include:

  • A ‘Reset Options’ button so you can revert your theme options to the defaults at any time.
  • A custom styles text box where you can enter your CSS commands directly, to have fine grained control over your site.
  • Info box widget now has an optional search field too.
  • The Sidebar Commander feature has moved from theme options to the Appearance->Widgets page.

If you are new to FitPro and haven’t tried it out yet, why not take the live demo for a spin and see what you think of it? Click the image above to go directly to the live demo where you can see try out all the great features of FitPro first hand.

Alternatively, you can find out why we think FitPro is such a great theme so click here to see all the juicy details!


Announcing FitPro 2.0: This is BIG!

Dozens of new features, optimized code framework, same great price.

FitPro 2.0 is much more than a shiny coat of paint, we optimized about 90% of the code, and added dozens of new features. So what’s new? Let me give you a taster..
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Theme Admin Options Demo!

I’m pleased to announce that from today we now have the facility to allow customers to try out full versions of any of our themes prior to purchase, including the theme options admin area!

This means you can log in as an administrator and play around with all the theme option goodies and test the theme features in full. If you are interested in applying just use our contact form and include a user name, e-mail and preferred site title.

Once we receive your demo request and process it you will then have your very own test site created and account set-up. The log in details will be e-mailed to you (so make sure you include the correct e-mail address)! You will then be able to access the front end of your test demo site, and also log in to the admin area.

This is a great step forward for us, and I hope you agree, as usually you get the standard live theme demo of the front end, and only get videos, screen shots etc. of the theme admin options. Well, now you can get your hands on the theme options directly too! This way you get a good feel for how flexible and feature rich our theme options are!

So, want to experiment with FitPro Platinum? Well, contact us right now to take it for a test drive!


WordPress Business Theme Wish List

For our second commercial WordPress theme we are putting together a specialised small business theme. Its early days but we already have a good idea of the general structure of the theme. However, it is crucial that it has the all the features in there that YOU want to see in a theme of this type!

The target audience for this theme is going to be the small/medium business market who are looking for a CMS type site. If you have an interest in this type of theme then please leave a comment, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Have you previously searched for a small business theme but didn’t really find any with a suitable feature set, or had other aspect(s) that were missing/lacking? If so, then here is your chance to let us know!

Any ideas and suggestions we receive will be carefully considered, and added to the list of theme features as appropriate. If a particular idea is quite involved, or complex then we still may be interested in it but it may be held off until a later release. This is so that we can get the theme shipped to an initial user base in order for the theme to be put through its paces as soon as possible.

Scott, our lead designer, is currently busy testing different designs for the new business theme, but the current front runner is based on the screen shots shown below. These are home page mock-ups only, so let us know what other page layouts/templates you would love to see for a small business theme.


To give you an idea of Scott’s design talents take a look at his bespoke design portfolio, where you can see some great examples of his previous work.

The current initial list of features is specified below. This will undoubtedly grow as people give their feedback. Why not leave a comment now and tell us what feature(s) you would most find attractive in a small business theme? :-)

Current Feature List

  • Plenty of color schemes (around 12 unique schemes)
  • 1, 2, or 3 column layouts per post/page
  • Up to 100 custom widget areas can be switched on in theme options (name of each one can be edited, to be more meaningful if you wish)
  • The sidebar(s) on each post/page can have any number of widget areas added (including custom ones). These widget areas on the post/page editor screen can be dynamically dragged/dropped to easily change widget area display order
  • Full width, Blog, Contact form, and Sitemap page templates included
  • Custom logo upload functionality, and hide/display site description
  • Built-in SEO settings configurable for each post/page
  • Choose fluid or fixed site-wide layout
  • 100% widgetized home page (rather than ship multiple ‘fixed’ homepage templates)


We Want Your Feedback!

We would love to hear feedback from you concerning FitPro, our first commercial theme. What are your favourite features, what would you like to see us add next? You tell us! We have put together a special form to leave feedback just about our themes.

Please fill out the feedback form here.

If you haven’t already taken FitPro for a spin then you can view the live demo here.

We want to hear your thoughts about the theme, what features really stood out for you, how do you think we could improve it to make it even better? Perhaps you loved the theme demo, but thought the theme information was too technical for you? Could you find all the details you were looking for, and was everything clear etc?

Any comments would be most appreciated and will help us to develop FitPro further and add all the whizzy new features we know you want to see!

Thanks for supporting us.. :-)


Still No jQuery Accordion in WordPress 3.1?

Update: Just posted a ticket to core trac. Response was that new JavaScript libraries tend to only get included if they are used in WordPress core, which explains why it isn’t added (yet). I think that it should be considered though because of its usefulness, and tiny file size!

There seems to be a bit of a shake up in the jQuery UI files included with WordPress 3.1. Firstly there is a new UI version (1.8.7), rather than 1.7.3 which was included in WordPress 3.0.4.

Also, the jQuery core files have been broken out of the single ui.core.js file into four separate files: ui.core.js, ui.mouse.js, ui.position.js, ui.widget.js. This makes it a little clearer what core UI components are included with WordPress. You can see this more clearly in the screen shot below. The core files are outlined in red.

There are two new UI widgets available in jQuery, and one of these, the button widget, has made it into WordPress 3.1. The autocomplete didn’t make it in. This is not a surprise as this might not be required that much at the moment, but users may need this as more autocomplete examples pop-up around the web.

I am a little disappointed though at the lack of inclusion of the accordion widget which has been around for a while now, and is a very useful addition to your web pages. There may be a good reason for this, that I am not aware of, but at just 9 KB it is very small and could be included without anyone hardly even noticing!

I use a lot of jQuery accordions for theme/Plugin options pages and find it a hassle to have to add in the accordion widget manually. It is not really a big issue, but it’s conspicuous by its absence. Anyone else know why it is not shipped along with the other WordPress jQuery files? Let me know in the comments if you do.

Oh, and the datepicker widget would be nice too. However this is around 35 KB so might be seriously considered for now. Anyway, just imagine being able to pick the date from the nice jQuery datepicker rather than have to manually enter the date/time as you do now. 😉


New WordPress Theme FitPro

FitPro WordPress Theme

For the last few months we’ve been busy developing our first commercial WordPress theme, FitPro. It was designed from the outset to be the ultimate website solution for fitness professionals, but at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expert to pay for such a website.

FitPro is much more than just another WordPress theme. It is basically an online business in a box for fitness professionals. It is a custom website solution with advanced functionality built-in that can be easily moulded to suit your needs. FitPro can be installed in just a couple of clicks, and quickly configured to give you a beautiful website in no time at all. And all for less than $250!

Click here to read more details about the full range of features available in FitPro, and why you should be using it on your site TODAY!


New Arrival at!

Scott BolingerI’m super excited to announce the arrival of Scott Bolinger at Scott is a well known and very respected graphics designer, and he’s joined PressCoders full-time as co-lead theme developer. With Scott’s top notch web design and graphics talent you can expect to see some great new theme designs over the coming year.

In fact, our debut theme FitPro is designed from the ground up by Scott and myself and gives you a clear example of his ace design talents (and my coding expertise!).

Scott has many years experience in the website and graphics design industry. He has developed numerous bespoke web design solutions for major companies and individuals alike. Similar to myself, Scott understands that WordPress is an extremely powerful and flexible website platform and he has joined to help us develop the next generation of WordPress themes!

Welcome aboard Scott!


Set a New Default Avatar with Filter Hooks

One way to add a bit of extra uniqueness to your theme is to include a new default avatar. The standard one we all know and love is the ‘Mystery Man’ avatar as seen below.
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Our Recent Activity

Just an update on our recent activity. As someone pointed out to me just yesterday the blogs have been fairly quiet since May. Well true, but this certainly does not mean that we have been idle, far from it!
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