Our Recent Activity

Just an update on our recent activity. As someone pointed out to me just yesterday the blogs have been fairly quiet since May. Well true, but this certainly does not mean that we have been idle, far from it!

In the last several weeks there has been a live beta released of our new WordPress utility application WHeX – WordPress Hook Explorer, updates of some of our Plugins, new Plugins, and a couple of versions of our brand new WordPress theme Twist of Ten which is shown below.

Our new theme has just undergone a major revision to include lots of admin theme options for users to configure the front end of their site. Twist of Ten is a simple, clean CMS type theme that is based on the new WordPress 3.0 default Twenty Ten. As such it has all the new 3.0 ready goodies you would expect such as custom menus, headers, backgrounds etc. In fact, the theme comes with 8 brand new header designs to get you started.

As for our WordPress utility application, it is the first one to go live but will be joined by others over the coming months. We have some in pre beta stage and progress is encouraging so hopefully we will have more to showcase on the site in the near future.

We will also be doing more development work on Plugins and themes, digging deeper into the new features of WordPress 3.0. I am sure there is plenty to keep us busy. Oh, and more blogs are in order now the latest revision (a big one!) of Twist of Ten has been completed.

There is such a rich vein of topics we can choose from to blog about not just on the core development work we are doing so if there is something of major interest that you think should be better covered about WordPress 3.0 then be sure to let us know!