New Theme on the Horizon!

We’ve been working hard lately on completing a new theme for you! Most of the details are still under wraps, but you can see a preview screenshot at the contest page. The #3 entry won the contest, and so we decided to build on that design.

Which brings me to the announcement: the theme will be ready sometime later next month. When the theme is polished and sparkling, we will announce the winner of our brand new theme. So heads up!

What I can tell you now is that the theme will rock a fully responsive design, so your sites will look great on a 30″ monitor or a 3″ phone screen. It will also be fully compatible with WordPress 3.6, the newest version of the awesome software we build these themes for. As always, sites built using our themes allow you to focus on your content and not fighting with your site.

Here’s the image from the contest of the new theme:

Design Number Three


Re-Thinking The WordPress Admin, A New Concept Dashboard Design

I’ve been thinking a lot about the WordPress admin lately. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

The WordPress team has done a great job improving the admin design over the years, but we still have a long way to go.

I deal with customers almost every day who tell me how difficult WordPress is to use. As designers/developers, sometimes we forget what it’s like to look at WordPress with virgin eyes.

For most non-developers, the first feeling is overwhelm. Confusion. Panic!

Even as an experienced WordPress user, I am getting tired of looking at all the excess (dare I say clutter?) in the admin. So I decided to do a mockup of what I want the admin area to look like.

Not really for anyone else, not thinking of how difficult it would be to implement, just sort of a dream.

Here’s what I came up with.

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Choose a design for our next theme, get it free!

Update: Voting is now closed. Design #3 is the clear winner so that is the theme we will be developing next! Thanks to all the people who voted and left comments! We will announce the winners in due course who will get a FREE copy of the new theme. :)

Can I get your opinion?

I created a few designs for our next theme, and I’d like to know which one you like best.

As a thank you for your time, I’d like to give you a chance to win a free version of the theme just for voting.
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How to Create Columns the Easy Way! (With Shortcodes)

Ever wondered how to create beautiful column layouts on your pages, without any custom coding? If you are using a Press Coders theme, you can use shortcodes to do just that!

Shortcodes are small snippets you can copy/paste into your pages and posts that create cool stuff like columns. In this article, we will use our new theme Façade to create some simple columns on our theme pages.
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How to Simplify the WordPress Admin for Your Clients

The WordPress admin dashboard can be a scary thing for first-time users.

When we develop sites for clients, sometimes it makes sense to remove some of the UI items they don’t need in the admin area to make it less intimidating. We used many of these admin customizations with WordPress Multisite (or WPMU), to make our customer’s sites more user-friendly. (The code in this article works with normal WP and multisite)

Here’s what the standard admin dashboard looks like (click image):


Here’s what it will look like after we make some modifications:


There are basically 3 things you can do easily to start:

  1. Remove some admin menus and sub menus
  2. Remove some default widgets
  3. Simplify dashboard and post/page list screens

Here are some tips and tricks for customizing the WordPress admin by adding code to your child theme’s functions.php file.

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Welcome aboard Josh!

Josh WagnerWe’d like to (officially) welcome the newest member of our team, Josh Wagner. Josh is a great guy and he’s going to be wearing many hats, including community support manager. You’ll probably exchange an email or two with him, be nice so he sticks around 😉

Welcome Josh!


Customizing with WordPress Child Themes

If you want to customize your WordPress theme beyond small tweaks, you have to use a child theme.

A child theme is just a folder to keep your changes so you don’t make changes to the original (or parent) theme. The main reason to do this is so that you can update the parent theme without losing any of your customizations.

This subject is covered in a lot of different places, including our theme customization guide, but I wanted to go into more detail here.

Let’s get child themeing!

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New theme: Façade

We are excited to announce our newest theme, Façade!

Façade is a minimal, modern theme, packed with features to make your business look amazing. Showcase your products and portfolios, and make your site look clean and modern.

Facade Responsive WordPress Theme

The best part about Facade is that you can customize every color in the theme with no coding. We’ve stacked the theme customizer so you can change the background image, any color, add your logo, and even change fonts with a couple clicks. Check out this video for a demo:

View a live demo, get pricing information and more details here:



*NEW* Theme Sneek Peek

Facade Responsive WordPress Theme
We’ve just finished our latest theme WordPress theme, Façade. Yay! We are now working hard behind the scenes getting it ready for final release but we couldn’t resist giving you a sneek peek in the mean-time!

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Designfolio Pro Update (1.3) is out!

We just released an update to the Designfolio Pro Theme. It’s mostly code updates that you won’t notice, but there’s a couple major changes. Please read this post before updating.

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