New Theme on the Horizon!

We’ve been working hard lately on completing a new theme for you! Most of the details are still under wraps, but you can see a preview screenshot at the contest page. The #3 entry won the contest, and so we decided to build on that design.

Which brings me to the announcement: the theme will be ready sometime later next month. When the theme is polished and sparkling, we will announce the winner of our brand new theme. So heads up!

What I can tell you now is that the theme will rock a fully responsive design, so your sites will look great on a 30″ monitor or a 3″ phone screen. It will also be fully compatible with WordPress 3.6, the newest version of the awesome software we build these themes for. As always, sites built using our themes allow you to focus on your content and not fighting with your site.

Here’s the image from the contest of the new theme:

Design Number Three

6 Responses to New Theme on the Horizon!

  1. stooni says:

    looks really cool!


  2. Chris Hayes says:

    Now that’s a sharp WP theme if I’ve ever seen one! Any ideas about costs? And how much is a license to use this theme for my clients websites?

    Keep up the great work guys!

    -Chris Hayes
    Blustar Designs

  3. Arbaz Khan says:

    The themes is looking really cool.
    Probably will be the best if you are selling any products or services from through your blog.

  4. Andy says:

    Three months since you announced it was due “next month”. Where is it?

    It’s been over six months since we helped you select the design and still no word on who won.

    Why don’t you update your blog when you run into delays?

  5. Ayan says:

    Hi Josh,

    Nice theme dude, but one think I never understood about latest WordPress themes is that their header is so large. In SEO perspective a lighter themes goes well compare to bulky theme with too many image. Though creates good impression on user but still where’s the SEO part?

    I read and watch Matt Cutts emphasizing on page speed but still some of greatest blog like “huffington post” and other similar has long content with lots of rich images, and they also load pretty slow but still they have awesome traffic and rank higher in Google.

  6. Arbaz Khan says:

    The theme looks really great and I hope that it has become a popular one!