Choose a design for our next theme, get it free!

Update: Voting is now closed. Design #3 is the clear winner so that is the theme we will be developing next! Thanks to all the people who voted and left comments! We will announce the winners in due course who will get a FREE copy of the new theme. :)

Can I get your opinion?

I created a few designs for our next theme, and I’d like to know which one you like best.

As a thank you for your time, I’d like to give you a chance to win a free version of the theme just for voting.

Leave a comment below with which theme design you like best and a brief description why. We’ll choose 10 people randomly to get the winning theme design free (it will take a few weeks to finish creating the theme).

Images and text shown are just placeholders used for mockup purposes

Number One

Design Number One

If you’d like to vote for the theme above, leave a comment with “Design Number One” and a brief description of why you like it.

Number Two

Design Number Two

If you’d like to vote for the theme above, leave a comment with “Design Number Two” and a brief description of why you like it.

Number Three

Design Number Three

If you’d like to vote for the theme above, leave a comment with “Design Number Three” and a brief description of why you like it.

Let me know which one you like best in the comments, and we’ll choose 10 people to win it free!

Thanks for your time,


Update: Voting is now closed. Design #3 is the clear winner so that is the theme we will be developing next! Thanks to all the people who voted and left comments! We will announce the winners in due course who will get a FREE copy of the new theme. :)

209 Responses to Choose a design for our next theme, get it free!

  1. Ben Hessel says:

    Design Number Three by far… Smooth, plenty of options, modern look without being over the top. Looks easy to customize

  2. Anna Doelle says:

    Design Number Two!!! It looks totally different from most designs out there & I think that’s what people are looking for…to stand out!

  3. Roger says:

    Design #3 – simple look, not cluttered, good-size “main” image, like the placement of the tabs, doesn’t pile too much information on a single page.

  4. Sal says:

    I like number two. Loud and unique!

  5. Connie says:

    Design #3

    it is the only decent one, relatively decent,

    design #2: Is it a onepager or not? Color-mix is a pain for a grown-up-eye ;=)

    #design #1: beside my aversion to blue-orange-combinations, it is so blocky that it hurts my eyes and I get no overview of the site, too distracting

    so I must say, and you asked me, I do not like them all ;=(
    In case I win donate it to somebody else or give me a choice for another theme of your themes ;=)

    Cheers, Connie

  6. Paul says:

    Number 1 is definitely the way to go, cleaner, more balanced and more interesting!

  7. rahul says:

    Design number two, it looks totally different from all the themes available online either free or premium

  8. Number 1: too boxy
    Number 2: too big
    Number 3: Very ‘Apple-y’ – Nice!!

  9. Gregg says:

    I find #3 to be most attractive

  10. I like #1 the best, nice and clean yet looks like some pretty cool options!

  11. Bobby Zuniga says:

    Definitely #3,

    I also like the layout of #1 but it’s a bit “boxy” and bland.

    #2 just requires too much scrolling to find out anything. I lost interest immediately.

  12. David W. says:

    I would have to go with Design #3, it is the most pleasing to the eye of all of them, not busy and appears to be the what I would think is the easiest to customize.

  13. George says:

    I like #3 too.

  14. Ben says:

    #3- Clean, simple, straight forward modern design.

    Less is more. I think it has plenty to display the message and info you want to offer. And you could always build in more when need down the road. IMHO I believe this is where web design should be moving this year, trend wise.
    It is responsive and mobile ready as well, correct?

    Thanks for doing what you do, have a great week,

  15. Donald says:

    I like #1. #2 would fit those targeting Windows 8. #3 doesn’t look much different from what’s already out there.

  16. CT says:

    Design #1 – nice compact layout, would like to see some different color combos and different menu

  17. Andy says:

    Design Number One. Looks modern, structured, easy to navigate. Nice color balance.

    2 is too loud and too blocky for my taste, 3 is not as exciting as the other ones.

  18. Love the first one, “Facade.” Very classy. Would be perfect for me.

  19. Dominik says:

    Design #1: clean, simple, hopefully most of the boxes are colored through css, so easy customization and fast to load

  20. Laura says:

    I really like, number 1, it is clean and easy, hope it will be easy to customize.

  21. Becky Madison says:

    First let me say how much I always love all of your designs! I’ve gotten the fitpro and coachpro and *love them* both! Design Number ONE is my choice between these three. Why? Because for me it is visually appealing right off the bat. It gives you a clean design with product/service choices upon first glance which feels easy to navigate through. Yep – Number One! :)

  22. Yvette K. says:

    Design #3 was the most pleasing to my eyes…

  23. mitch valmer says:

    I like design number# 3 the best!

  24. Alan Herbert says:

    Like everything in life, taste is subjective.

    I could see uses for all these designs, totally dependant on the requirements of customer / business / product/s.

    I quite like number 3. Maybe it’s just less fussy and that’s how i feel today.

    Who knows about tomorrow though :-)

    It’s all great work though.


  25. Dawn says:

    Number three – cleaner and over all more useful.

  26. Luuk Gruijs says:

    Design #3 is the best..

  27. Rafal says:

    # 3 looks to me like the most readable. Still I would include less stuff in there. You should aim for a clean (not overwhelming to a reader) look.

  28. thom flora says:

    My choice is Design Number One. I like the whole grid thing and there are not many good-looking and useful grid-based themes (in the Responsive category anyway). Design number Three is a close second for a clean yet visually interesting theme.

  29. LunaLuana says:

    Design #1
    I find it the most visual appealing due to it’s organization. I like the boxy look and think it lets you display a lot of different content without distracting from anything. Great design!!!!

  30. #1 is the best. The tile system is about as simple as it can get when it comes to getting a viewer to see what is all available quickly and easily. I think that is a main reason Microsoft uses it now. Plus because of that the look will be familiar to many.

  31. Ben says:

    The last one!

  32. Luis C says:

    Number 1: loving metro style (I’m still undecided about which should I use on my site, I’ll pick that one!)

  33. Paula says:

    Design #3! it spoke to me more than the others 😉

  34. I vote for number 1. I am working on a new site to support crowdfunding, and I think this would be a winner!!

  35. Design #3 – clean / metro-esque and minimalist

  36. sasha says:

    number 2 is my favorite but the others are great to:)

  37. johngjohnson says:

    Hi Scott — kind of a toss-up between one and three — but I guess I have to go with Design Number Three.
    I know the trend is (and you’re on the cutting edge) toward pastel “only slightly coordinated colors” but I really don’t care for them.. In Number One I love the magazine layout, it is a bit “blocky”, as Connie said. Which is why i went with Number Three.
    Again (you’re cutting edge) but number two makes me shake my head remembering those first websites that went on and on — on one page. I see what you’re doing — and like the “big button” navigation — but it’s gonna be a while before my “old school” head wraps around a one page site. But that’s just me. A lotta work went into these, thanks for sharing.

  38. Rob Robbins says:

    Design Number 1. Clean with good white space.

  39. Stuart Selip says:

    I prefer design # 3. As a businessman, I want my key value proposition to appear topmost, with supporting material following. I prefer the straightforward look of #3.

  40. tim says:

    For my vote I would go with #3 simple clean and would fit in with the majority of sites that I setup!

    Although Site #1 I like the look of best but you would have to have the correct kind of site to fit it, you would have to have the same 5 set amount of navigation items any more and it will look odd. And with the blog box section you would have to have good images. With most of the sites I setup this isn’t always the case.

    VOTE #3

  41. I wandered through the pages … slowly enjoying the wealth of colour and possibilities.
    I tried to feel … to taste …
    So I found the confirmation of my first impression: # 1.
    The why? A subtle strength.
    That’s the real ‘power’ of this theme.

  42. Todd Elliott says:

    I choose #3. It looks fresh and flows the best.

  43. Andy says:

    Oh and Scott, typo in #3, says Design Number Two. Probably won’t make anyone vote for the wrong one but just thought I’d point it out :)

  44. David says:

    Design 3 is my favorite. I’m not a favorite of boxed designs (like 1), because it really limits you to customization. If you’re good at concept design, design 3 is the way to go.

  45. Pablo says:

    Number 1. Perhaps because I am looking for a portfolio theme, but I like it.

  46. Katie says:

    #2 :) !!

  47. Claudina says:

    Are you a child of the Flötotto aera??
    Let go of the intellectual building bricks athmosphere shit.
    Forget about them and start a temeplate which is easy going.

  48. Teniko H. says:

    Design #3 Its clean, clear and easy to understand. It can be adapted well to many different types of sites. #2 is TOO simplistic but would be nice for a simple product. #1 is just a new version of a grid. Its not bad, but its been done.

  49. Jim says:

    Number 2 is simple, easy to read, clean and probably is the easiest to make accessible.

  50. stuart says:

    I like number 1 as it is simple but allows the user to see other columns of pictures/subjects that would be interesting. I look at this from my POV which is running my own consulting business which may be different from other my artistic or creative businesses.

  51. Robin B says:

    Design #1 – I’m a sucker for clean boxy designs, plus I just love the colors and the way the nav/header all fits together. ^^

  52. ryan reese says:

    #2 seems to go for windows 8 platform which is extremely unpopular right now/sinking ship. #3 I believe is the best out of the three because of its streamlined design and (of course) simple mobile platform.

  53. I’m torn between 2 and 3, but for my business I think 3 would be more effective (but I really love the boldness and simplicity of 2).

  54. BobB says:

    Number 1; most similar to a Coyier-esque design

  55. JOHN KILBY says:

    Number 3. Simple, clean, intuitive – all the tools, too.

  56. Charlie says:

    #3 is the best!

  57. Sebastian says:

    Well when you look at things from a DESIGNER perspective all of them arepretty amazing andwould fit a specific company differently and having said that, I’d pick Design Number 2. It just suit’s me better, besides the fact that it’s clean, outstanding, unique and simply awesome! :-)

  58. m brennan says:

    On first glance, I really liked number two, but after coming back for a second look and mulling over the subpages, I prefer Number One. All are very nice, and Two might be a good choice for certain specialty sites, but for a general purpose site I really like Number One. I like the organic feel of it; it’s very cohesive from top to bottom, the subpages complement the homepage, and the whole site feels elegant, stylish, and well thought out, without being so obtrusive that the design might compete with the content.

  59. Design 2, because it’s versatile for a variety of solopreneurship businesses and can grow with the entrepreneur’s product offerings as she/he creates more.

  60. vipin7477 says:

    Design Number Two : The design come up with cool design. Good Work

  61. Liam Twose says:

    Number 2 – Slightly Querkier. Reminds me somewhat of game dev the video game.

  62. David says:

    I like the 2nd one because of its design, color combination and creativity all together and above of all it looks very modern.

  63. Art says:

    #2, the scrolling design is unique among commercial themes.

  64. Rob T says:

    Design Number 1 – great clear layout displaying significant proportion of site content on first page drawing users further into the site. Flexible nature of design can be applied to different business types and purposes.

  65. Morgan says:

    design number 2, for sure. it looks like it will scale nicely for different screen sizes. it also looks like the circular menu options will auto-scroll to the appropriate page sections?

  66. Alfred says:

    I like number one. It’s simple and straightforward.

  67. Keith Sexton says:

    Hey Scott,

    It’s a toss up between “Design Number One” and “Design Number Three”, but I’m leaning towards Number 3.

    It’s clean, visually appealing and flows nicely. Great work! Look forward to more beautiful designs…

  68. Rommel says:

    I like #3 as I think it’s a more modern take of #1, still pleasing to the eye, just more modern feel.

  69. Design Number 1
    Because the menus are front and center and large enough for me to see without squinting. The main graphic is the right size for someone that is not a photographer and the subsequent areas large enough to be an interesting tease as well as pleasing to the eye. Nice work!

  70. Hi. I like #3 by far. Lots more options and smother looking design. I’m thinking the other 2 have potential, but if I had to choose between the 3, I would purchase #3 before the other 2.

  71. kechy says:

    Design number 2 # I love it !

  72. Dan says:

    Number One is my favorite. Very clean, simple and modern. Great layout!

  73. SOS Deploy says:

    Scott, as always I’m impressed with the work that you and David continue to churn out! My choice would be Design #3! It’s not overly busy, has a beautiful layout and presents a web sites main points/intention in a clear, concise manner.

  74. I would go with design #2 because of the visual focus, it’s simple and the minimalist approach makes it intuitive, especially when using a smartphone. Of course the template won’t work with all business platforms, so one would first have to consider the Programs, Products or Services being offered. This is a refreshing approach to website design!

  75. Mark Brown says:

    I like the simplicity of Number 3. The menu bar on Number 1 is a little too boxy. I like the kind of quiet efficiency of 3’s layout: simple menu, slider, three main sections below, and addition room below – very easy to navigate. Most of the important information will fit on the main screen without scrolling.

  76. SOS Deploy says:

    Scott, as always I’m impressed with the work that you and David continue to churn out! My choice would be Design #3! It’s not overly busy, has a beautiful layout and presents a web sites main points/intention in a clear, concise manner.

  77. Andre Little says:

    #2 Looks a little bit like the sims video game to me. Very clean and and seems easy to ready and powerful

  78. says:

    Websites are changing. They are no longer “Look at me and what I do” –
    People have got bored with company boasting and don’t read these any more.

    So companies have responded with Content marketing, which creates articles,
    infographics, videos, slideshares etc. which are of more interest to the person
    searching for something.

    A lot of this is done on social, but the web as a hub needs to reflect it

    Something closer to a magazine layout is needed. With a customisable space
    you can move around (widgets) with scrollable articles, video and links to
    live feeds from Twitter etc.
    Scrollable presentations would be good. And ideally a wiki where you can ask questions and be more interactive.

    I’m sure you have lots of customers who just want the “We do this” site but
    creating a truly modern site would make you stand out. And be worth a

    So my answer to your question is none of the three.
    But please let me know when you do one like I’ve described.

    Hope that helps.


  79. Corrinda says:

    My top vote would be for #3 followed by #1 and then #2. I think the white space in the third option lends itself to a cleaner design.

  80. Blue says:

    As an artist, I am leaning towards #1, as a way to show multiple images at a glance, without a lot of scrolling.

  81. Joshua says:

    hello scott,
    I think #1 is the best. Once again, I suppose it all depends on what the site’s for… The 2nd theme’s colors are a bit off, but structurally I think it’s solid.

    Theme #1 is probably best for a site that is generating content often. The other structures may be more useful if the site’s content is pretty static.

  82. Ida says:

    “Design Number One” is the design I’ve been waiting on to complete my website the way I always wanted it. I want a clean, classy look and design number one can really give that in a simple way. I really hope I win the design. Thanks in advance.

  83. William Hooey says:

    I like #3 the best, nice clean layout,

  84. Thegoddessatwork says:

    It’s number three. I really love the clean look, and it’s got a beautiful balance of white space.

  85. Jan says:

    I prefer #2! It’s clean and imposing at the same time. What you can’t say on a big front page teaser is not worth selling. People can dig deeper if they want to/get curious.

  86. michael says:

    I think number 3 as It’s much cleaner design and have a much better appeal.

  87. paulien says:

    Hi Scott,

    I like nr 3 best. The overview and more cleaner design.


  88. Mark D. says:

    I like design number 3 because looking at from an ecommerce platform point of view this theme would be the editors choice pick, hands down.

  89. Manny Xidias says:

    I like all three and can see them being implemented for a few projects coming up. But my favorite is design #3. Aside from the chuckle I got from Amazeballs, I like the clean look we could achieve by dropping the blue (or any color) and going all white. Love the slider, clean header and simple footer. Would be interested in seeing the mobile version too. Great work as always, PressCoders!

  90. Tenneti says:

    Design Number Three looks awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it live in wordpress. The design is more tuned to the common requirements of any designer and the clients.

  91. Tony says:

    Number 1.

    You can do a lot with it and it’s flat which will be the around for a bit.


  92. Ruben says:

    I think number 3 is best! Because of the clean, simpel and powerful design! Number 2 is a little too big and also the colors are a pain for the eye. And the first one, is also pretty nice, but too boxy and to much stress.



  93. Mark D. says:

    Design number 1 is my choice because it provides the proper ecommerce platform to display many products and give freedom to customize. Sign me up!

  94. Diane says:

    I like #3 – but I tend to like less busy sites.

  95. CJ says:

    Design #3, it rocks!

  96. Number Three. Seems to flow better than the rest. At some points I couldn’t tell I was still on the same theme for numbers 1 and 2.

  97. Elliott says:

    Theme #2
    I like this theme as its unique and like a roll of film, everything happens on one page, this would be great for prospects who want to simplify their search and just scroll through. Great to view on a smartphone. Nice job on this theme Scott!

  98. Tony Hale says:

    3 combines the best of 1 and 2. Most clean and easy to read.

  99. Marian says:

    Number Three is the one i liked the most… I would use it on my projects with only minor tweaks.

  100. Nelson says:

    I vote for number 1.
    Much more interesting then 2&3

  101. Timothy says:

    After looking at all of these designs, I think I would also have to go with #3.
    Though I would drop the blue and go with a different color, I think it’s the best option.
    Would also, like to see a mobile version.


  102. Antony says:

    Design Number Three: Looks easy to navigate, clean and appealing

  103. Ted Sauriol says:

    Design # 1. Love the way you can organize everything on the site and its modern new look.

  104. Mark says:

    Number 1. I like the flat blocks, which when used well can be flexible and lend itself to a number of different uses. Can be as busy or clean as you need it to be.

  105. Adeah says:

    Number Three: simple with elements my clients ask for in their websites.

  106. Michael Misenheimer says:

    Design No. 2 is my favorite. It is refreshing to see something that stands out from the rest.

  107. Laurie says:

    #3. It’s simpler and clean.

  108. Phil Turner says:

    #1 gets my vote.

  109. Carol Sawyer says:

    Number 1 – but for me it’s all about how easy it will be to customize.

  110. LaVar says:

    I vote for design 3. More natural flow of layout and arrangement of columns.

  111. Kyosuka says:

    #3 is the best!

  112. Alexis says:

    Number 2 – super flexability for myself and my clients. Great Look

  113. Veselin says:

    Number 2. Simple & clear design

  114. Sim says:

    I would choose between 1 and 3, 1 looks more modern to me, 3 is presenting a more conventional look, For my own business i would take number 1 because it offers a lot of opportunities to present my business in a different way than i normally would do in a layout like 3. Its more surprising to me, it has a fresh look

  115. Jessica says:

    Number 3 – was very eye appealing with the changes from blue to white in the background and it wasn’t too lengthy….I liked number 2 but it was too long. When looking quickly at things, I like info short or to see everything right at the beginning.

  116. lisa says:

    Clean, looks easy to navigate. Would like to see a site map.

  117. rob says:

    Number 2 is very different, but a little busy. so I think number 3 is my choice as it looks more professional and clean.

  118. I would vote for the Design Number 2.

    Simple, colorful and elegant.

  119. I say the same thing Anna Doelle

    Design Number Two!!! It looks totally different from most designs out there & I think that’s what people are looking for…to stand out!

  120. Nunber 3 clean design easy to read and find your way around

  121. #2. I’m an actor and I could totally use that!

  122. Imogen says:

    I vote for number 3. It’s clean and more professional than the others with just the right amount of white space. It’s also clear – easy on the eyes for better navigation.

  123. Donna says:

    I like number 1 – it’s well-organized and visually appealing. Thanks for asking!

  124. Design Number Two – Simple, modern and to the point.

  125. le calvez (french) says:

    #1 design is better and more adapted to touch screen. A nice view of Web 3.0

  126. Bob says:

    I would have to chose #3 because it looks to be the most visually appealing. I presume the framework would be the same for all of them, so it comes down to layout and appearance. As they stand right now #3 has to take it.

    #2 has a LOT of potential and could be my top choice because I love the idea of the image bubbles as menu choices. But it seems like you used different color options for the rest of our example on #2 so it looks massively out of place. If you put the same theme up, but actually used a single color scheme on all the page and section samples, then I’m likely to have voted for 2…. it seems to be a lot more “fun”.

  127. My favorite is #3!

  128. Mike says:

    I like #2
    Simple but very eye catching

  129. Jason says:

    I like #3 best. For me it’s straightforward, simple and easy to follow. It looks easy to set up and customize as well. It looks modern and professional which is a big plus, too.

  130. jodg says:

    Definitely #1 !!!
    Boxy and with blue & orange – what else do you need ? A very modern and cool looking theme.

  131. Sebastián Andil says:

    As it has already been said it pretty much depends on the purpose for the site.
    My personal favorite is #1 because use of its originality. #2 is pretty big and huge for ordinary visitor’s eye and #3 is overused worn out design present on every second modern site…
    So that’s a brief view from me 😉

  132. sig says:

    Number 1 for me …the most understandable.

  133. paul says:

    Theme #3 is awesome

  134. Ian Christie says:

    Really like no1, its different to a lot of WP themes, there is a lot of potential in my view on that. Really like it. Not sure on 2. Really Like no 3. If I had to choose a favourite…it be no 1

  135. Aaro says:

    Design Number 3, close between number 2 as I like that multi-layering as you scroll down. #3 just does it that little bit better …

  136. Luke says:

    Hi Scott,
    I love Number Three.
    It is well set up, clear, easy to read and has got a good mix of words and images.

  137. Andres Hurtado says:

    Hi, I liked the 3 designs. The one I liked the most was the number 1, now if you could remove the author and date would be great.
    As always all your designs are fantastic. I work with 2 of yours
    Thanks scott.

  138. DebK says:

    It looks crisp and new and yet maintains enough traditional aspects to not be intimidating. #2 is intriguing, but I am not feeling drawn to it to represent me. #3 is ok too, but I like the sharper look of #1.
    Great job!

  139. Will Wheeler says:

    Hi Scott and David hope you guys are doing well.. it appears business is good!! I really like the second theme it is so colorful and intuitive. Just my $.02 I hope it helps!


  140. Wayne says:

    Design number 3 is fantastic. Cool and slick.

  141. Fernando says:

    Design number three.
    Simple layout. Not cluttered. Good color scheme.

  142. Ida Bencomo says:

    Design Number Two….bold and simple!

  143. Mon says:

    Design number ONE is my choice because of its simplicity and clean design.

  144. liquidcosmos says:

    Number 1! It is clean, with the right graphics it will flow and is pleasing to the eye. Reminds me of windows 8. Fresh and new.

  145. NUMBER ONE is my favourite. A great mix of design and colours. number two is a bit heavy on the colour blocks. and number three is a slightly weaker version of number one but still nice and clean. I am about to create a new wordpress website and I would like to use NUMBER ONE. Thanks, Anthony.

  146. I really like the colour scheme, menu style and layout of Design Number One. Design Number Two would be great for portfolio sites, although you’d need to alter the green background and graphics to make the home page more appealing. Design Number Three would probably work well for more corporate websites. All three designs look good and but my vote is for Design Number One as the best multi-purpose theme. That’s my tuppence worth!

  147. Nadine Davis says:

    Number one would be my choice as it’s fresh layout and design caters to the more current online viewer using the internet today.

  148. Bill Dority says:

    I would say Design 3. I like the smoothness of the design, but also like the second menu placement at the bottom of the page. Others may already know how to place there, but for me it could also be a great place to hide different bonus pages for those who look at your entire page.


  149. Peter says:

    1 or 3. They are OK. There is nothing that would make me say WOW I like it. In my case I am always looking for interesting widgets, new functionalities so I can re-skin specific theme. Anyway good job.

  150. Eric says:

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for asking for feedback. Here goes:
    Design #3 is great–very clean, easy to look at, yet eye-catching.
    Design #1 is next best.

  151. Elise says:

    Number 2 is great! A more unique design! Bold and simple :)

  152. Dillan Simmons says:

    Design number one. A good balance of clear navigation and simple design going far. Design number two is also very interesting, but the front page navigation with the circles I’m unsure on. I think both could be used to create some very worthy websites.

  153. Design No. 3, because its fresh, clean and simple.

  154. Nick says:

    #3 Design looks good =)

  155. love #1, clean & i would buy it!

  156. Risa shearer says:

    Design #2. The pages looked cleaner . Not in the design business but the others looked like a lot of work both in design and navigation. Front page nav is fun and funky and graphiceeee . It just works for me. If I win I’d like this one please:)

  157. Myo Min Thu says:

    Congratulation! You just developed miracle themes. good idea for marketing.
    I like all themes.
    but, i will choose number one when you have to choose to me because it is cool and look like e-commence style.

  158. Binu says:

    Design Number Three. The lay out is clean and the color combination is appealing.

  159. Leena says:

    Design Number Two

  160. Ingo says:

    Hmm, difficult decision between 2 and 3. Number 3 looks good and it seems one could use it very easily. Anyway, you want to make a new theme and therefore i vote for No. 2 because it is so different to usual themes. Your customer might have to think a bit longer, how to use the theme in a effective way. But if customer is creative, he’ll gain good benefits from this theme.

  161. j.n.mishra says:

    design # 1 is the best 1 for me. looks professional with easy eye catching navigation…sure to make the visitors go to inside pages (rather than saying bye from home page itself) …good work

  162. First of all, congrats for your creativity and passion.

    # 1. It reminds me the Metro Style of Windows8. Anyway it is interesting.
    # 2. Risky, audacious, brave and creative. Personally, I like it, but many people could find it uncomfortable to navigate.
    # 3. Clearly, the classic one. Simple, effective and efficient.

  163. Elisa Donin says:

    I think #3 is the most “flexible” and could fit a vaste range of projects. I appreciate its clean and fresh feel, event if the typography is a bit too basic (it could be improved, in my opinion). I also like #1, for the same reasons, but I think it could fit only some kind of projects (sites with a strong graphic feature, for instance). As far as #2 is concerned, I think it has some pros, but I hardly can figure a client that would ask me to use it for his website. Probably, most of my clients are traditionalist…
    Nice work, however!

  164. Henry says:

    “Design Number Two” – this is the best of the three IMHO for clearly promoting the distinct areas of my training business. (I currently use your CoachPro theme). The distinct separation of sections allows each core area to have space for distinct promotion, rather than just a different column of text. Your use of colour in the boxes makes it visually easy to navigate, so a new visitor, once going “below the fold” won’t waste time finding the area for them, so probably increasing click through and conversions. So for me, “Design Number Two”, would be a great way to forward. Although happy with CoachPro, I’d be interested to see change of traffic behaviour from using “Design Number Two” theme.

  165. Khin Ei Cho says:

    i would like number one because it is perfect for 2013 templates. i think that your marking system is good for do that.
    good luck you and me.

  166. Richard says:

    Design Number Two – it’s very different from anything I’ve seen before. Fresh and bold.

  167. ezimigbo says:

    design number two looks unique and simple unlike most themes, i love it

  168. says:

    Well, I think number three is a good business theme (like cyberchimps’ ones?), number two a very creative one, (I would choose it, if the background color can be changed), but number one, with its pinterest touch, seems more flexible and ideal to be customized. Number one is my vote.

  169. Cinzia says:

    Number 3 is my favourite as it is classical simplicity and the style of the pages seem to flow together
    Number 2 reminds me of the posters seen in schools all the time, while number 1 seems disjointed.

  170. Brian says:

    Number 2 – looks like a theme that could be developed into a quick but fun small website

  171. Eigil says:

    I like Number 3

  172. Cer says:

    I would go for #2

  173. Al Grig says:

    Design number two!!! It seems to look super at mobile devices!!!

  174. Mike Hickcox says:

    DESIGN NUMBER THREE / (3) / (III) gets my vote. I manage several sites and I tried to envision suited up in these templates. Number 3 seems to be the most versatile in terms of meeting my needs. The others are too “blocky” for my concepts and tastes. Number 3 feels better, fits better.

    ALSO PLEASE NOTE – Number 3 may lose votes to number 2 because at the bottom of Number 3, the copy tells you to leave a comment that says: “Design Number Two.” If I were design number 3, I’d lodge a protest.

  175. I don’t really love any of them. Design #1 is too boxy. Design #2 is appealing at first glance (except for the color) but quickly gets boring. Design #3 is the nicest of the three … I could see myself using this design.

  176. Tim Aucoin says:

    I like #1 best. It is very business-like, easy to maneuver around, straight and to the point. #2 and #3 seem busy and not as easy to immediately identify where you want to go on the page. I like simplicity… perhaps it’s my age, but yes, I like simplicity~!

  177. Roger says:

    I like number two. I think it be be great for the mobile platform. It’s also seems quite unique, which is hard to achieve these days.

  178. JChico says:

    I like #1 it looks very professional and seems like it would work for a variety of niches.

  179. Leonard Johnson says:

    I Like Number 3

    It’s clean and simple. I like the fact that it is business oriented with the buy button meaning it can be used as a Web store. e-commerce.

  180. Design #3 is the better of the 3 designs presented. It is simple and clean. The single main graphic works for most user/client needs. It gives you the option to drive viewers to the content that they may be most interested in with the 3 column portal-style navigation under the main graphic. I will say that I think that your themes are missing the ability to let users with logos really customize the banner or main area for their logos. It appears that your themes cater more to those that dont have logos, which makes it difficult to incorporate really good logos in your themes.

  181. Tanner Britt says:

    Number One.

  182. Chris says:

    I vote for No. 2. I want to sell books; Social media is the biggest factor for me, and No. 2 has the social media icons placed prominently. Very important to me. Plus it looks great. I think it’s fabulous and would love to use it and be a big proponent of it.

  183. Holly says:

    I like Design 2 – with definite color and spacing adjustments

  184. Kris Haines says:

    I vote #1
    Follow up #3

  185. Pastor William says:

    I would vote for the first theme as its colour combination and lay out
    appeals a lot.

  186. Sinan says:

    I vote for Design Number One. I like the colors and the box lay out.

  187. Eric Toro says:

    Design Number One.

    The design was the most visually stimulating of the three, much easier to take it all in as compared to the other two designs. I also liked the fact that the visuals were broken off to smaller areas like the Windows 8 interface. No said that Windows 8 did not look nice, the complaints were mostly on its navigation. Number two was the opposite, big chunks and less appealling visually, plus you had to scroll down more which would drive away anyone looking for instant gratification.

  188. Mazaz says:

    I love number one, it shows products front and centre, with great teaser headlines and just enough copy, it is hard to choose as each use will be different for the end user. I want to sell paintings so 1 is fantastic for me. It all hangs on the customisation of colours and widgets. Would be great to have a gridlike photo widget also with headline showing other products available once in the post page.

  189. I like #1 because of the colors, option to add a portfolio, blog and sell online. The other themes didn’t catch my attention. I am looking at selling canvas photography so this would be a viable option that could catch potential buyers attention. If I were selling products may be inclined to use theme 2 because of the unconventional way it highlighted items. Number 1 is the best for me though.

  190. Bruce says:

    The 3rd one is nice and clean…. Best Choice

  191. says:

    Design #2
    A fabulous design!!!!

  192. Louis says:

    Although I liked the striking colors of #2, I have to pick #1 for its layout.

  193. Zai says:

    I like #3. It’s well laid out and looks organized. Main photo gives you a good idea what you’re looking at. If it has an editable caption and button on the flex slider AND the site is responsive hopefully when viewed on a mobile device you’ll code the text and button to shrink with the photo. Too many themes cut the photo off to focus on the text. Also, would be awesome to have options for column and rows of widgets on the front page! Looks good.

  194. James says:

    I like the theme #3. It’s clear and simple. The readers will find what they need easily.

  195. Dalbir Thind says:

    I really like design #3. It looks clean and not at all like a wordpress powered site. Can I get a version for my birthday? I’m a big 30 on June 6. yaay!