Designfolio Pro Update (1.3) is out!

We just released an update to the Designfolio Pro Theme. It’s mostly code updates that you won’t notice, but there’s a couple major changes. Please read this post before updating.

The biggest changes:

1. The custom logo uploader has been moved to the theme customizer. It is no longer on the Designfolio Options page! Click Appearance => Theme Customizer, then expand the site title/tagline box to see the logo uploader and tagline options.

2. Auto updates are here! This is the last time you will have to manually update your theme. All versions 1.3+ will be able to be auto-updated from the admin area.

3. Tabs/scripts removed from theme options page. No more script conflicts! If the options page looks weird after updating, just refresh your browser and/or clear your cache. We removed jQuery Tools to reduce plugin conflicts.

See all the changes in the changelog here.

Update Instructions

It is highly recommended that you backup your database and files before updating.

  1. Login and download the new theme .zip file from your account page:
  2. Login to your WordPress admin area. Go to Appearance => Themes, and activate any theme other than Designfolio Pro.
  3. Delete the Designfolio Pro theme. (There is red text under it that will say “delete”)
  4. Under Appearance => Themes, click the “Install Themes” tab at the top, then click the blue “upload” text.
  5. Upload and activate the new version
  6. Update WordPress to the latest version (if necessary)

Note: You do not need to update bonus designs or child themes unless that is specifically mentioned.

IMPORTANT notice if you are using a child theme

If you are using a child theme with a modified comments.php page template, you will need to make a small update to this file in your child theme after updating. If you are not using a child theme, ignore this notice.

After updating to Designfolio 1.3, you must edit this line at the top of the comments.php page template IN YOUR CHILD THEME:

<?php global $theme_object; ?>

Change to:

<?php global $pc_theme_object; ?>

That’s it! DO NOT edit any files in the Designfolio Pro theme itself, this only applies if you have copied the comments.php page template into a child theme before updating.