*New Plugin* Config Constants

Most people never need to edit the WordPress constants in wp-config.php but if you do then up until now there was no alternative but to edit the file manually.

However, the Config Constants Plugin changes this by allowing you to modify a select set of WordPress constants directly from the WordPress admin!

The Plugin options page looks like this:

You can only modify constants that are already defined in wp-cofig.php so you remain in full control of your configuration file at all times.
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Designfolio, Our NEW Fully Responsive WordPress Theme!

Designfolio WordPress Theme

Designfolio Pro is our brand new WordPress theme that has more features then you can shake a stick at, including three custom post types (Portfolio, Slider, and Testimonial)!

It has been months in the making and we are very excited to finally announce its release. It is a fully responsive portfolio theme for designers and creatives and looks great on all devices too (desktop, tablet, mobile phone)!

Rather than list all the features here why not take a look at the dedicated Designfolio Pro page for detailed theme information.

Also, be sure to check out the Designfolio Pro live demo yourself, and take it for a spin. Be sure to let us know what you think!


Introducing CoachPro Our New WordPress Theme!

CoachPro WordPress Theme

We are excited to announce the release of our latest theme, CoachPro. It is designed to appeal directly to personal development coaches, and is an easy & affordable way to get your coaching website online straight away!

CoachPro is packed with features, and comes with 8 pre-made skins which you can switch between with just a single mouse click. This also includes skinning of the Twitter widget for the first time in our themes.

Why check out the CoachPro live demo yourself, and take it for a spin. Be sure to let us know what you think!

Or, check out the CoachPro information page for detailed theme information.


*New* FitX WordPress Theme Launched!

FitX Fitness WordPress Theme

We are excited to announce the release of our latest theme, FitX. It is our second fitness theme after the success of our very popular FitPro theme.

FitX is a vibrant new theme with lots of great features, you can see a demo of it here.

Some people asked what is the difference between FitPro and FitX? Well, FitX has everything FitPro has, and more. It is built a little differently, more modern features like HTML5, a new rotating testimonial feature, easily change fonts, a custom sidebar feature, and cool custom graphics.

Plus, we have a great new quick start feature included in FitX which is perfect for new sites. Upon theme activation you have the option to setup some default content including new pages (About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Sitemap), and a navigation menu etc.

Click here to check out the full FitX details!


New Plugin – Format Media Titles

If you have ever uploaded many images/videos etc. via the WordPress media uploader you will now that it can be pretty tedious to have to manually edit the title for new media items.

‘Format Media Titles’ is a new Plugin to automatically format the media title for new uploads. It works by replacing characters such as hyphens, and underscores, with spaces. The title can then be capitalized by a method of your choice.

See the image below for a before and after view of the same image uploaded with and without the Plugin activated.


Testimonials WordPress Custom Post Type

Coming soon to a Press Coders theme near you… A Testimonial custom post type!

We created a testimonials WordPress custom post type to give us a ‘real world’ example to work with whilst we were experimenting with how these work inside of WordPress. It is our first attempt at using this awesome feature of WordPress, and it definitely won’t be our last. We have learned an awful lot the last few days tinkering around with custom post types, and custom taxonomies etc. It has been a real eye opener. It’s official, we have the custom post type bug now!

In fact, we already have another custom post type well under development that will make using content sliders in our themes an absolute dream! But more on that another time. Shhh… 😉

Click on the video below to see the testimonial custom post in action, and how all the features fit together, plus how the testimonial custom post types you create are actually used rendered on the front end of your site.

We have no firm plans to add the testimonial custom post type in our next theme, but with a little more polish it is going to find its way into one of themes sooner or later.

Let us know what you think, what custom post types you would love to see. The possibilities are endless. Inspire us, and we might just create a custom post type from your ideas!


New Plugin: Display PHP Version

Just a quick post to let you know about a new Plugin we have just developed, called ‘Display PHP Version’. Read More


Get our new Big Shot theme free!

Big Shot WordPress Business Theme

We are pleased to announce Big Shot, our brand new WordPress business theme. It’s sleek, feature packed, and ready to make you look like a Big Shot!

The official release date is Wednesday July 27th, but you can get Big Shot for free by simply connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Check out all the details about Big Shot and see how easy it is to win by clicking here.

Please note, this free promotion has now ended. Thanks to all those who entered!


New! Free WordPress HD Video Tutorials

If you want to make WordPress submit to your web-design whims for world-wide-web domination, now is your chance!

We’ve just released a free HD video tutorial series that covers everything from basic setup of WordPress to Search Engine Optimization and Child Themes. We are also going to moderate a community forum if you have any questions about theme customization, or anything WordPress related.

It’s completely free, check out the details here.


New WordPress Theme FitPro

FitPro WordPress Theme

For the last few months we’ve been busy developing our first commercial WordPress theme, FitPro. It was designed from the outset to be the ultimate website solution for fitness professionals, but at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expert to pay for such a website.

FitPro is much more than just another WordPress theme. It is basically an online business in a box for fitness professionals. It is a custom website solution with advanced functionality built-in that can be easily moulded to suit your needs. FitPro can be installed in just a couple of clicks, and quickly configured to give you a beautiful website in no time at all. And all for less than $250!

Click here to read more details about the full range of features available in FitPro, and why you should be using it on your site TODAY!