Testimonials WordPress Custom Post Type

Coming soon to a Press Coders theme near you… A Testimonial custom post type!

We created a testimonials WordPress custom post type to give us a ‘real world’ example to work with whilst we were experimenting with how these work inside of WordPress. It is our first attempt at using this awesome feature of WordPress, and it definitely won’t be our last. We have learned an awful lot the last few days tinkering around with custom post types, and custom taxonomies etc. It has been a real eye opener. It’s official, we have the custom post type bug now!

In fact, we already have another custom post type well under development that will make using content sliders in our themes an absolute dream! But more on that another time. Shhh… 😉

Click on the video below to see the testimonial custom post in action, and how all the features fit together, plus how the testimonial custom post types you create are actually used rendered on the front end of your site.

We have no firm plans to add the testimonial custom post type in our next theme, but with a little more polish it is going to find its way into one of themes sooner or later.

Let us know what you think, what custom post types you would love to see. The possibilities are endless. Inspire us, and we might just create a custom post type from your ideas!

4 Responses to Testimonials WordPress Custom Post Type

  1. Andy says:

    Looks good David.

    Hopefully I will get the chance to really dive into custom post types on an upcoming project of my own.

  2. Looks fantastic. Any chance this code will be available as open source?


    • David says:

      It will probably make an appearance in one of our next themes. It needs a little more testing and tweaking first but will definitely be put it to use soon.