jQuery UI in WordPress 3 Admin Pages

This article covers getting jQuery, and in particular jQuery UI up and running inside the WordPress admin. At the time of writing the latest version of WordPress is version 3.01 and that is the version we shall be using. Also, WordPress is running locally (using WAMP Server 2.0) with the default Twenty Ten theme (1.1).

Originally, I wanted to use jQuery UI on a Plugin admin options page. However my initial attempts were unsuccessful so I thought that I would document, and share, my experiences. There isn’t a huge amount of WordPress specific jQuery UI resources around (although there are numerous basic jQuery tutorials around), so hopefully the information presented here will help others overcome the initial hurdles. Read More


Draggable Blog Sidebar Widgets!

After playing around with some jQuery sorting demo’s I wanted to be able to implement these easily into WordPress.

The steps needed to complete this are:

  • Register jQuery, and jQuery UI libraries with WordPress.
  • Enqueue the scripts to load them on blog pages ONLY.
  • Set-up a shortcode to render jQuery code.
  • Add jQuery code to shortcode callback function.
  • Add the shortcode to any post/page to see it working!

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Close-up: wp_head Action Hook

I recently needed to add some code just before the closing header tag on my theme pages, via a WordPress Plugin.

Of course, I made use of the wp_head action hook which is perfect for this task. However, my requirement was a little more specific than this. What I actually needed was to make sure the code was guaranteed to be the LAST code added right before the closing head tag. Read More


Our Recent Activity

Just an update on our recent activity. As someone pointed out to me just yesterday the blogs have been fairly quiet since May. Well true, but this certainly does not mean that we have been idle, far from it!
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Simple Sitemap Plugin

We are pleased to announce a new plugin in development which should be ready for testing next sometime next week, with a release into the repository soon after. This plugin adds a global sitemap to your WordPress website so that users can easily see all of your content (posts/pages) on a single page. Simply add a Shortcode to a new page (or post), click publish and you have an instant sitemap! Read More


Category Plugin Idea

After reassigning enough posts to categories lately (on several different blogs!) I had an idea for a plugin to speed things up. Say you have a load of posts that you quickly need to make sure are assigned to a category, it is pretty tedious to have to cycle through all the posts and check that each post you are interested in is assigned properly. You can’t speed things up by filtering by category as this would not show the posts that aren’t included – which is what you are checking for in the first place! Darn.. Read More


Dashboard Plugin Search Filter?

How many times have you added or searched for a WordPress plugin direct from the admin area of your blog? Well this is a great new feature which has been added to WordPress. As well as themes, plugins can now be installed directly from the admin dashboard. No more do you have the install cycle of download, unpack, upload, and activate of themes/plugins (you can still do it this way of course if you wish)! Read More