Find the Admin URL in WordPress 3.0

The other day I was looking for a way to get the URL to the installed WordPress admin folder. I was almost certain that I would have to ‘construct’ this URL manually. This wasn’t a problem I had done similar tasks many times before.

But to my pleasant surprise I found a nifty little function called get_admin_url(), which I didn’t know existed. This is probably as it is a new addition to WordPress 3.0. The function can be found in the /wp-includes/link-template.php file at line number 1950. You can see the full source code here.

Looking at the core code it is obvious that this function was written with a more general purpose in mind. In fact it returns the WordPress admin URL of multi-site blog with a specific ID. If you don’t specify a particular ID then it returns the current blog admin URL.

Interestingly, there is another closely related function called admin_url() which returns the admin URL of the current blog only. The difference between the two is that you can’t specify a blog ID with this function.

If you only need to get the admin URL of the current blog (as I did) then you can use either function with no parameters, and they will both return exactly the same result. It’s just a matter of preference.

Looking through the /wp-includes/link-template.php file I noticed that there were a few other new functions added to WorPress 3.0 for returning WordPress links.

Here is a quick summary (including links to the source code) of all the new link related functions in link-template.php:


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