Category Plugin Idea

After reassigning enough posts to categories lately (on several different blogs!) I had an idea for a plugin to speed things up. Say you have a load of posts that you quickly need to make sure are assigned to a category, it is pretty tedious to have to cycle through all the posts and check that each post you are interested in is assigned properly. You can’t speed things up by filtering by category as this would not show the posts that aren’t included – which is what you are checking for in the first place! Darn.. Read More


Press Coders Needs You!

At the moment we are experimenting with the new features of WordPress 3.0 beta 2. These are going to bring a whole new wave of themes/plugins over the next several months and beyond; it is unlikely to happen over night.

In the meantime we are working hard to come up with some useful things our users can start working with in the short term. We have some plugins that were in development a while ago, under another site which we are considering resurrecting and updating for the WordPress 3.0 release. The plugin names were: Read More


Dashboard Plugin Search Filter?

How many times have you added or searched for a WordPress plugin direct from the admin area of your blog? Well this is a great new feature which has been added to WordPress. As well as themes, plugins can now be installed directly from the admin dashboard. No more do you have the install cycle of download, unpack, upload, and activate of themes/plugins (you can still do it this way of course if you wish)! Read More