Press Coders Needs You!

At the moment we are experimenting with the new features of WordPress 3.0 beta 2. These are going to bring a whole new wave of themes/plugins over the next several months and beyond; it is unlikely to happen over night.

In the meantime we are working hard to come up with some useful things our users can start working with in the short term. We have some plugins that were in development a while ago, under another site which we are considering resurrecting and updating for the WordPress 3.0 release. The plugin names were:

  • To Do List
  • Quick Code
  • Admin Log
  • WP Content Filter

We are going to be working on new plugins too, we have a few ideas in the pipeline. As far as themes go we are concentrating on child themes based on established themes and theme framework, as well as the usual theme development path.

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask our site visitors if there are any old plugins that the know of that were abandoned that they would love to see born again and fully updated for the latest version of WordPress. If so let us know, plus any ideas for plugins that you can’t find anywhere else but would like to see.

This goes for theme ideas too. We will make sure to incorporate the most popular feature requests in new themes.

3 Responses to Press Coders Needs You!

  1. Lorelle says:

    Would also love to know the status on these. I’d also like to recommend you (or ANYONE) dig into the impossible sitewide or global categories for the MU merged WordPress 3.0. Is that on your list?

  2. dgwyer says:

    I am not sure about the updates for the ‘Quick Code’ and ‘Admin Log’ plugins at the moment. These are useful but fairly low priority so could be a while before these are revamped. I will have to take another look at these and make some decisions about the future direction.

    The ‘To Do List’ plugin is a different matter and IS quite popular so this will definitely be fully updated for WordPress 3. I have plans to add an option to use a full Silverlight based rich text editor for this plugin, but I might save this for a future release and just update it for now to be ‘3.0’ compatible.

    As for the suggestion on the ‘impossible sitewide or global categories’ for MU in WordPress 3.0 I am afraid I don’t have a lot of experience with MU but is something I will be getting into at some point no doubt. What particular issues are you running into with global categories and how would you like to see them improved?


  3. Lorelle says:

    I know we’ve been talking but to follow up on this, Adding global categories and content to the front portal page of a WordPressMU/3.0 blog network continues to be painful. It isn’t a simple process, involves making “hidden” blogs to pull the data from, can be a wear and tear on the database, and certainly isn’t user friendly. So while you’re still looking for ideas, anything that can improve the functionality of how content can get from multiple blogs to the front portal page would be a fabulous thing to work on, if you are going in that direction.

    Great work with all that you are doing! I loved highlighting some of your Plugins at my recent presentation at OpenCamp.