WordPress Integration with Ext JS 4

The EXT JS 4 library from Sencha is a powerful Javascript framework for building rich and interactive UI’s for web applications.

Here at Press Coders we have been experimenting with the new version of Ext JS and are now starting to integrate our efforts into WordPress 3.1 as well.

The video above shows one of the Ext JS 4 examples running in the WordPress admin via a Plugin. All the necessary JS and CSS files were loaded up and the example performed well.

In the Chrome browser, as you can see, the pie chart was pretty smooth and responsive. Once the (quite large) Ext JS library was loaded, subsequent page load times were pretty fast due to the JavaScript source file being cached in the browser.

This was a very simple demo, just adding in stock code from an Ext JS example. The real useful stuff wil be when we start playing around with getting WordPress data (Plugin/theme options, post/page data etc.) to work with the rich set of layouts and controls Ext JS has to offer!

Watch out for more posts on WordPress and Ext JS 4 integration soon. :-)

2 Responses to WordPress Integration with Ext JS 4

  1. brett says:

    Very cool. How do I get it?