*Updated Plugin* To Do List

After languishing in the Plugin repository for almost three years the To Do List Plugin has finally been updated! In fact it has been completely rewritten and is now fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.4 at the time of writing).

This major update is pretty much what I had in mind for the original version of the Plugin. So, what’s new?

The to-do list editor has been moved to the user profile page. Since each registered user can have their own to-do list it just made sense to have it on the profile page. This means each list is stored along with the users normal meta data (name, e-mail, password etc.).

The to-do list editor is now implemented via the built-in WordPress function wp_editor() which is the recommended method to reuse the WordPress post editor. Unfortunately this doesn’t support adding the editor to meta boxes so this was another good reason to move the actual editing of each to-do list away from the WordPress dashboard.

Each to-do list is still displayed on the dashboard though, for each logged in user, so it is as visible as it always was. If you are an admin level user then you will see an additional drop down box on the dashboard that allows you direct access to any registered users to-do list. This is a pretty handy feature. The drop down box is not visible to non-admin users.

If you wish to comment please leave visit the main To Do List Plugin page.