How to Customize Your WordPress Theme

We just released the Ultimate WordPress Theme Customization Guide, it’s full of useful tips for customizing any theme.

Here are some of the things included in the guide:

  • Learn how to avoid rookie mistakes
  • How to create and modify a WordPress child theme
  • How to preview CSS changes in your Chrome browser
  • How to edit the style.css and functions.php files
  • How to add/modify theme template files
  • Learn about theme hooks: actions & filters
  • and much more!

It’s free, and it has lots of useful links to other resources.

What are you waiting for, brush up on your WordPress theme customization today!

6 Responses to How to Customize Your WordPress Theme

  1. Jody Smith says:


  2. Nice post here! Wanna learn theme customization, maybe it will help!

  3. Pawan says:

    You have given really very nice post! Thanks for this!

  4. Arbaz Khan says:

    I was looking for some help to customize my WordPress blog theme.
    Maybe this is going to help me!

  5. Rahul Singh says:

    The guide is simply awesome . I was able to customize my theme successfully . Thanks for sharing the guide