FitPro 2.3 Released, Here are the New Features

We have just released the latest version of our fitness WordPress theme, FitPro. The new version (2.3) includes many improvements and bug fixes under the hood, but also some significant updates to existing features.

Thanks to our members who gave us feedback, many of the things you requested are in this release!

Members Page User Content

This feature (FitPro Platinum) has been requested several times and so we decided to add it for more flexibility. When a user logs in they can now edit their profile and add content to their OWN members page. This can be used to allow users to keep a journal entry of their training progress etc.

Administrators can add comments in a separate box (this edit box is not visible to the user) as before and also edit/annotate user comments directly.

E-mail Opt-in Widget

The opt-in widget (FitPro Platinum) has been significantly updated to include support for 3rd party scripts (Aweber, MailChimp etc.). If you don’t want to use a 3rd party script then you can make use of the new auto-responder.

To use the auto-responder just enter details directly in the widget settings and when a user submits the opt-in form an e-mail gets automatically sent to them. You do not need to do this manually any more!

Info Box Widget

Updated to include more icons, plus a spare one to display any icon image and link. The full list of icons now available are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Google+, Linked In, RSS, plus a custom one.

Be sure to check out the new video tutorial on the FitPro Setup page that explains how to use the new opt-in and info box widgets.

Content Templates

Now automatically adds content to post/page editor! No more copy paste (FitPro Platinum). The UI has also been revamped and made more compact too.

New Theme Options Links

We have added a couple of buttons on the theme options page to link directly to tutorial videos and the FitPro forum.

Theme Editor CSS

When editing your posts and pages you will now notice that they don’t look too dissimilar to how they display on the front end. This is because we have added a style sheet to the post editor to match the styles on the front end.

This should stop you from having to keep flipping back and forth between the post editor and the front end to see what your changes look like!

Other Updates

We have also added many bug fixes and code modifications to FitPro 2.3, and it works seamlessly with the latest version of WordPress. The file size of the theme zip file has also been significantly reduced so it uploads even quicker when updating your theme!