We are pleased to announce that official support for our FREE themes and plugins is now available via our forum. We have a lot more products planned for the future and for a small monthly subscription you can sign-up and get support for ALL of them in ONE place!

All our themes and plugins are updated regularly, and are always compatible with the latest release of WordPress. Signing up to premium support gives you the confidence and peace of mind that help is always available – when you need it the most! This is especially important for themes when you need to modify something and are not sure how to go about it.

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Continuing Development

All our WordPress development work including FREE themes/plugins will be kept fully up-to-date. New versions will be regularly released packed full of features and options that benefit our users. To fit in with this, as mentioned above, we now have a support package available (which covers ALL of our FREE WordPress themes and plugins). This is available at a very reasonable monthly subscription and gives our users access to an exclusive support forum for each theme or plugin.

Support Forum Home Page

Main Forum Sign-up Page

As well as access to support forums, subscribers will be able to view detailed plugin manuals, tutorials, and video screencasts. Further benefits include being able to see all the latest news and announcements about themes/plugins, and new features that will be included in future versions.

Subscribers can post suggestions, and vote for specific features of themes/plugins – of which the most popular will be included in the next version! Tutorials will cover things like how to get the most from your theme/plugin, optimal configuration, troubleshooting, and general WordPress tips etc.

Benefits To YOU

As of 28th May 2010 our support forums are open and gives users a place to visit for premium support. Signing up to the forums helps to ensure that the plugin is continuously maintained and updated. You can use our products with the assurance that they are efficient and robust – and that any bugs/security issues will be quickly dealt with. We understand that, of course, your own website is important to you whether it is for business or a personal/hobby site, and so..

Our promise to you is that our WordPress themes and plugins are:

  • of high quality
  • regularly maintained
  • bug free!
  • going to be around in the future – that means quality support, year after year!
  • compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • fully documented – including detailed installation, and set-up instructions
  • developed with new WordPress features/API’s etc. as they become available

Also, if you are interested in following our theme and plugin development roadmap, as well as announcements and sneek peeks of features in up-coming versions, then signing up for support will give you all this too! Additionally, subscription gives you the chance to interact with the Press Coder developers on our exclusive forums.

And Finally..

We would like to mention to our users that behind the scenes there is a lot of hard work that goes into authoring new WordPress products, and continued maintenance of existing ones. As well as the core work on the themes/plugins themselves, running the site also involves a large amount of maintenance. Keeping everything up-to-date and running smooth is not a trivial task!

In order to continue developing our FREE themes and plugins AND provide consistent support we are very much reliant on our users. It just is not practical, and in reality not even possible, to develop WordPress products, and provide support on a full-time basis, completely for free! So please help us continue to do what we love doing, pushing the capabilities of WordPress and delivering high quality, genuinely useful products.

Please remember, without you we would not be here! So, if you use any of our FREE WordPress themes or plugins and have ever found them useful then please consider signing up today, and get instant access to premium support – whenever you need it!

The Press Coders team.

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