To Do List

Download the latest version here.

Keep track of your daily tasks and activities. A rich text formatted to-do list is automatically created for every registered blog user!

This plugin maintains a to-do list for every blog user in the admin area. Each list is unique for each registered user. The plugin automatically monitors who is logged in and displays the appropriate to-do list. Bloggers can keep track of important tasks and activities, and any other information necessary directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Basically, I put this plugin together as I wanted a way to easily maintain a list of items I need to do on my blog. From writing new posts, updating existing pages, and changing site structure, to new ideas for Plugins etc. I find it really useful to be able to keep all of this information in one place in the admin section of your blog. It is easy then to refer to this list, and add/delete items as necessary.

Underneath the To Do List input area is a notification of who last edited the list, and when. So, if there is more than one person using the blog admin then it shows who edited the document last. If so, the text entered in the To Do List text box is automatically stripped of escape characters (backslashes). Otherwise the text is left unchanged. From v1.3 the plugin now supports the TinyMCE editor that is included with WordPress. So, rather than plain text, your to-do list now supports spell checking, colour syntax highlighting, image insertion, bullet points, and much more!