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FitPro is a competition-crushing professional fitness website, bursting with the features you need to dominate your niche in the fitness industry!

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Get a professional website up in minutes

FitPro is built strictly for Fitness Professionals. It’s quick to setup, easy to customize, and affordable.

YOU control everything, not a “web guy”

Customize and control everything yourself with the easy-to-use WordPress theme options. Here’s a demo of what your site could look like.

Unlimited support, no monthly fees

Get all the help you need through our online support forum, without paying any recurring fees.

Recommended by Power Systems, NPTI, NESTA, Adventure Boot Camp, and JSE

What is FitPro?

FitPro is the best inexpensive website solution available to fitness professionals. It is a pre-built custom website with advanced functionality that can be easily molded to suit your needs. Install it in a few clicks, and have a professional website up and running in less than 30 minutes!

After FitPro is installed, change the colors, layout, site text and images, and virtually everything on the site to meet your needs. We worked hard to make it very easy for you to change your site in just a few clicks.

FitPro is built on WordPress, the #1 publishing platform on the web. Used by Yahoo, CNN, Ebay, The New York Times, and over 25 million people worldwide.

What you can do with FitPro…

  1. Get a professional custom website look without paying custom website prices.
  2. Use it with your existing business, or start that new business you’ve been thinking about.
  3. Edit your website quickly & easily without paying someone else to do it.
  4. Get more clients with built-in conversion boosting design principles.
  5. Position yourself as an industry expert by starting a blog and connecting with social media.

An inside look at FitPro


Widgetized Content Sliders

Widgetized content sliders

You don’t have to settle for one slider on your homepage anymore. Put content sliders wherever you want, as many times as you want.

Create custom widget areas

Sidebar Commander

Command a small army of widgets! Add custom widget areas with a single click, and customize page(s)/post(s) widget displays.

Content Templates: 16+ pre designed pages

Copy/Paste Content Templates

Make page content creation a breeze! Add 10+ pre-designed content templates to your pages as simple as copy and paste.

Theme Options

Theme options, shortcodes, & page templates

A robust theme options page plus easy shortcodes and page templates gives you customization freedom.

Take back control of your website!

Easily add images, text, videos, photo galleries, products, affiliate links, and anything you can think of!

Editing your own website has never been this easy.

Customize the Easy Way

Change the site colors, layout, text, images, and more in just a few clicks.

The FitPro options page allows you to easily upload your company logo, change the site colors and layout with drop-down boxes, and customize almost every area of the site. FitPro comes with over 30 different color/layout combinations, as well as the ability to modify those infinitely with custom color pickers.

Capture Email Opt-ins

Capture hot leads with the built-in email opt-in feature.

Don’t let those hot leads slip away, get their contact info with the built-in opt-in widget. Just drop in the widget, enter your email, what you want the text to say, and you’re ready to go!

Your visitor sees a download link or any other text you specify, and you receive an email with their contact information immediately.

FitPro SEO Settings

Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

FitPro comes with SEO options built-in so that you can make sure you get the maximum amount of traffic.

No need to mess with any code, just enter your page title, description, and keywords into the fields below each post or page. FitPro will automatically display these in the proper SEO meta tags on your site.

6 Automagical Widgets

Displaying proof with testimonials, show your recent tweets, display your phone number and social media links, or collect email opt-ins with a simple drag and drop!

Step by step documentation, videos and support

You might need a little bit of help along the way, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can read documentation, watch videos, or head over to the support forum to get your questions answered personally by David, the developer of FitPro. No outsourcing here!

5 Custom Page Templates

Page Templates

FitPro comes with 5 pre-designed page templates to make your life easier.

  • Custom Home Page: featured image slideshow, custom widget area, content, recent post display
  • Default: 2 columns, left or right sidebar
  • Full Width: no sidebar
  • Contact Form
  • Blog

WordPress Members Area

FitPro Platinum Members Area

If you want to train online, or give your clients access to private content like downloads, videos, and more, the members area is for you.

How it works: Once a user registers on your FitPro website, you can choose to show them content like videos, downloads, or anything at all. You can choose to either show the content to them only, or to all registered users.

It’s perfect for online personal training, selling membership subscriptions, or just hiding content from the public that you only want your members to see.


What do you get with FitPro?

  1. Your FitPro WordPress theme
  2. *Private Members Area – show private download links, videos, or anything you want to individual members. Perfect for online training, simple membership sites, and more!
  3. *Done-for-you Content Templates – copy and paste content and layouts. It’s like having a web designer do your work for you!
  4. Free online forum support for 1 year
  5. Free updates to FitPro with added functionality and cool new features for 1 year

*FitPro Platinum Only

How much does it cost?

If you had a custom website designed that was exactly like FitPro, it would cost you well over $5,000.

This is not some cheesy template with over-the-top flash animations all over the place, it’s a highly sophisticated piece of software.

You have a choice between FitPro Standard for $79, and FitPro Platinum for $149. The difference is that the Platinum Version comes with a private members area (perfect for online training, scheduling, private downloads, etc.) There are no recurring fees, and you get support and updates FREE for 1 year!

This offer may not last, click the add to cart button below while FitPro is still available at a low price!

FitPro Platinum

Only $149

What you get:

  • FitPro WordPress Theme
  • Private Members Area
  • Done-for-you Content Templates
  • Exclusive Email opt-in widget
  • Free online forum support for 1 year
  • Free updates to FitPro with added functionality and cool new features

Secure Checkout

No recurring fees. After secure registration and checkout through Paypal, you will get immediate access to download FitPro.

FitPro Standard

Only $79

What you get:

  • FitPro WordPress Theme
  • Free support through the Press Coders online forums for 1 year
  • Free updates to FitPro with added functionality and cool new features

Secure Checkout

No recurring fees. After secure registration and checkout through Paypal, you will get immediate access to download FitPro.

What People are Saying:

Support Forum Quote

Trisha Forum Quote

Testimonial from Pete

James Fisher Testimonial

Email from Chris Chinn

“I don’t know if people understand the costs of paying a professional to do it all, the price of FitPro is unbelievable. FitPro is bound to help any business grow in this day of Internet based shopper research.

You’ll be in complete control, and with the support package offered I know you’ll be blown away. All this and getting rid of the high cost of the web “guy” too, FitPro is a no brainer.”
-Daryn Clark

“I was very frustrated with my old site trying to encompass my businesses, media, and appearances…all at the mercy of “web guys” Now, I am in control of the easiest site to navigate. I update and edit whenever I need to!! Thank you David!”
-Kelli Ellis

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup FitPro?

Here’s a simple step-by-step process to getting FitPro up and running quickly:

  1. As with any website, you need to purchase a domain and website hosting.
  2. If you have your own hosting, you just need to install WordPress, which is usually in a couple of clicks on a good host.
  3. Upload the FitPro .zip file via the WordPress theme uploader, and you’re off and running.
  4. Don’t worry, there’s videos, documentation, and support forums to help you each step of the way!

I already have a website, will FitPro work for me?

Yes, as long as your host supports WordPress, FitPro would be a great way to redesign your current site. However, it will be like starting over, because WordPress works differently than most websites. You can always copy and paste the old content to the new site.

Can I use my own opt-in form from Aweber, iContact, etc?

Yes you can, you just copy and paste your form code anywhere onto your site. You cannot use custom code in the FitPro opt-in widget, so just don’t use it.

Can I upload video, images, add paypal buttons, etc.?

Yes, FitPro uses WordPress, which allows you to add any type of media you want to your site.

What is WordPress, and what is a WordPress theme?

In the simplest terms, WordPress + FitPro theme = awesome website. WordPress is the free open-source software upon which we built FitPro. FitPro is a WordPress theme, which means it works together with WordPress to make an incredibly sophisticated and flexible website.

Partial Feature List

FitPro has too many features to list all of them, but here are some important ones:

  • *Private members area
  • *Editor content templates
  • Built-in sitemap page template
  • 6 custom widgets:
  • Twitter feed widget
  • Header phone # and social media links widget
  • *FitPro email opt-in widget
  • Testimonials widget
  • Color picker widget
  • FitPro recent posts widget
  • 5 custom page templates
  • Button, box, testimonial, and color shortcodes
  • User registration
  • Password protection for posts & pages
  • Plugin compatible
  • Easy installation
  • Unlimited pages, text, images, video, etc.
  • Media supported: all video and image file types
  • Website hosting: all WordPress compatible hosts (which is all good hosts)
  • Browser support: IE7+, recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, et al
  • 30+ built-in color/layout combinations
  • Flexible layout options
  • 4 color pickers for infinite color customization
  • Flexible SEO settings
  • jQuery image slider
  • Custom logo uploader
  • Analytics code integration
  • Easy header and footer inserts
  • Built-in contact form
  • Commenting and blogging
  • Compatible with most shopping carts
  • Compatible with most email marketing software

*FitPro Platinum only.

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