FitPro Changelog

Official change log for the FitPro theme.

Note: Our themes use the Press Coders theme framework. Check out the recent framework changes here.

Version 3.1

Released: 16.05.2014

  • Updated – Theme options page updated to better integrate into WordPress admin.
  • Updated – Now compatible with WordPress 3.9.1.
  • Fixed – Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.02

Released: 07.02.2013

Bug fixes

  • Added a new set of default fonts, around 20 in total.
  • Removed the members area admin text box on users profile due to an undetermined bug.
  • Fixed minor bug in comments.php. Empty comment div was being displayed when comments were closed.
  • Added support for child theme to declare the framework extension class.

Version 3.01

Released: 18.12.2012

Bug fixes

  • When theme customizer options were empty, none of the color picker controls displayed.
  • Cufon removed from theme.
  • Headings color picker fix.
  • Added correct ‘Open Sans Condensed’ font.
  • Added retina image support to this theme via functions.php.
  • Logo uploader is now exclusively handled via theme customizer. Theme options logo uploader has been removed.
  • Theme customizer color pickers now update in real-time apart from color pickers controlling hover styles. You can now also change the priority of the controls via code.

Version 3.0

Released: 12.11.2012

  • Initial release of the completely rewritten version of FitPro!