The Under $250 Killer Website Guide For Fitness Pros

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Want a killer website for your fitness business for under $250?

Most fitness professionals don’t know the secret to an inexpensive, traffic pulling, killer fitness website.

You’d be surprised how cool of a website you can have, and much money you can save if you mix a little bit of do-it-yourself with a little bit of done-for-you. I call them “do-some-yourself” websites.

It’s easier than you think, there is no advanced techie knowledge required, this is for the average Joe (or Jane.)

Do-some-yourself websites

These are without a doubt the next big thing on the Internet.

The technology is so easy to use these days, that you can get an incredibly advanced website for as little as you want to spend.

There should be a little asterisk on this one, by do-it-yourself I don’t mean do a Google search and pick the first website builder you see.
Use proven technology, use WordPress. WordPress is the #1 publishing platform out there, used by the New York Times, People Magazine, the National Exercise And Sports Trainers Association, the MMACA, and over 25 million people.

The best part is that this #1 publishing platform is free! Which is great news for you because it’s something you’d normally pay $$$ for! That’s because WordPress is open source software, and there are what are called themes and Plugins that add all kinds of amazing functionality to your website. And that’s another good reason to use WordPress as your Content Management System (or CMS).

I’ve used all kinds of software over the years, trust me, WordPress is the best out there right now.

The do-it-yourself part

If you don’t want to pay a custom website designer thousands of dollars to do everything for you, then using WordPress is the ideal solution.

You can set everything up quite easily yourself, don’t worry, there’s nothing super advanced here!

Domain and Hosting

First of all, you’re going to need a website domain and hosting.  A website domain is the name, like  The hosting is just a place to put your website, every site needs a home!

Installing WordPress

The next thing you need to do is install WordPress.

Wait! Before you start to think this is over your head, I’ll let you in on a secret…You can install WordPress with 1-click on most hosts!

Some people will even install it for free (keep reading – hint, hint).

The done-for-you part

There’s only so much you can do yourself, you want to leave the more advanced stuff to the techie nerds like me.

The look and features of your site are arguably the most important part, so let’s leave this one to the professionals.  That’s where WordPress themes come in.


WordPress is basically a skeleton, and it uses what are called themes to add the rest. That’s how you get a cool look and more features for your site.

With WordPress themes you can easily add any type of content to your site, adjust the colors and layout, add video, a blog, cool image slideshows, I mean pretty much anything you can think of.

There are some decent free themes out there, but there’s also a lot of junk.  You can search the theme repository and experiment with some free themes, it’s at

However, I recommend spending a few bucks to get a nice theme that will make your life much easier, and your site much cooler.

You can even have someone customize the look of your theme, and you will still be way under budget compared to a fully custom website.

Once you have a great theme, all you have to do is add some content to your site using the super easy WordPress admin area, and you’re off and running.

Tips for finding a good theme


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial

SEO is vital to making your website visible in the search engines. So you need a WordPress theme that lets you easily add title tags, meta descriptions and keyword tags.

Unfortunately unless you’re a programmer, it can be difficult (and expensive!) to add that kind of SEO functionality to your website. But don’t worry because good themes will do all of this for you.

This will go a long way to getting you more visibility in the search engines.

2. Make sure you can customize your site easily

Working with WordPress should be pretty simple, even for rookie website users.  You should be able to change the colors of your site with point-and-click ease, and this all has to do with your theme options.

3. Don’t use a “one size fits all” theme

A lot of the free and paid themes out there are “one size fits all,” meaning they weren’t designed specifically for your industry.

They are made without assuming too much, so that web designers can tailor the themes to the specific needs of the individual. The problem with this is that you have to pay for the theme, and then you have to pay a designer to customize it.

It’s best to just skip the middleman and buy a theme that was designed with your business in mind.

Putting it all together

Total costs:

Domain + Hosting = $10/month

WordPress CMS = free

WordPress Theme = under $250

Having a cooler website than your competition = priceless

So now you’ve got a killer custom-looking website for under $250!  Not too shabby!

Free WordPress installation & 10% hosting discount

FitPro WordPress Theme
If you want to make this super easy on yourself, here’s an offer you can’t refuse.  We’ll install WordPress and a Press Coders theme free, and give you a 10% discount on your website hosting. Here’s how it works…

I’ve designed lots of WordPress websites for fitness professionals, and now I’ve put all of that knowledge into a WordPress theme.  It’s called FitPro, and it is the first full featured WordPress theme ever that is designed strictly for Fitness Professionals.

I won’t bore you with all of the details here, but it’s got everything from point-and-click design customization to built-in email opt-ins and SEO. To see a full feature list, click the link below.

We’ve aimed FitPro at individuals who have no programming experience whatsoever, so it’s super easy for you to use. Plus we’ve provided lots of help and assistance in the form of a great explanatory manual, as well as a forum where you can get all the support you need.

Plus it doesn’t stop there! We’re continuously developing and updating FitPro, and adding new features all the time. So if you purchase FitPro today, the latest updates are only ever a click away.

This makes FitPro the ideal way to keep your site one step ahead of the competition!

This is the coolest project I’ve ever worked on, it is a collaboration between Jedi coder David Gwyer and myself, and it launches very soon!  For more information, click the link below:

David Gwyer

David Gwyer

With over 15 years programming experience in all the major programming languages. I’ve spent the last 3 years specializing in WordPress theme and Plugin development. Which means FitPro benefits from amazing web design and graphics experience, and my specialized expertise in WordPress programming!