Curo WordPress Theme for Medical Professionals, Therapists, Doctors, Dentists, Private Practice, and more.

Curo WordPress Theme for Medical Professionals

Curo. A theme for Medical Professionals, Therapists, Private Practice, and more.

Beautiful, affordable, and easy to use. Designed just for medical professionals.

1 year of free support/updates included. Secure checkout, no monthly fees.

What is Curo?

Curo is a website that you can fully control yourself without being a web designer. Add your own content, change colors, and get your business website up and running quickly!

Get a professional website online fast

Curo is quick to setup, easy to customize, and affordable. No coding necessary!

Helpful support, No monthly fees

Need help? We’re here for you! Get the answers you need fast.

Easily make changes and edits

Use Curo with your own domain (, create your own content, and customize it easily. No need for a “web guy!”

Change the text, images, and design

In a few clicks you can change your website from blue to green, or any color, as well as change the text and images.

Unlimited Pages

Add as many pages with as much content as you want, Curo does not limit you!

Add Audio, Video, Images, and more

Upload your media and embed it on your site in a few clicks, including a custom company logo.

Accept Payments

Add your own Paypal button, and accept credit card payments online. Curo also integrates with all leading shopping carts.

SEO Optimization Settings

Curo has built in SEO settings so that you can optimize your pages for Google search.



Create your pages



Easily create and edit new pages

Just click “Add New,” enter your text and images, and publish!


Theme Options



Customize in a few clicks

A robust theme options page allows you to change your site colors, add your company logo, insert tracking scripts, and more.



Search Engine Optimization Settings

Search Engine Optimization

Curo comes with SEO options built-in so that you can make sure you get the maximum amount of traffic.

No need to mess with any code, just enter your page title, description, and keywords into the fields below each post or page. Curo will automatically display these in the proper SEO meta tags on your site.


Curo Admin Area Demo Video


How it Works



1. Purchase Curo

Select the package that suits you best.

Domain & Hosting


2. Purchase a domain and website hosting (if you don’t already have it)

We recommend Dreamhost, they are solid and offer good support for WordPress. Get 10% off your hosting plan by using the coupon code PRESSCOD10OFF when you checkout.

If you already have a domain/hosting, that works too.

Install Curo

3. Let us install your website

If you purchase one of our premium packages, we’ll install Curo for you, and your site will be up and running in no time!

If you want to install Curo yourself and save some money, feel free to purchase the theme only package.

Your site is live in no time!

4. Create your pages, add text/images, and you’re done

We provide you with tutorials to show you how to do everything, and ask us a question in the support forum if you get stuck.


Is your site hosted by another company?

No problem! Switching to Curo can be easy. Contact us and we’ll help you move your site to Curo.

Contact us for a quote


Are you paying a high monthly fee for your website?

Stop sign

Switch and save up to $861!

You don’t have to pay a high monthly fee to have a great website. Curo is more advanced and flexible than many solutions that charge more.

Cost comparison:

The Other Guys

Others charge $50+ per month for a website. In 2 years that’s $1,200 without counting any setup costs.

$1,200 (Site, hosting, and support for 2 years)


Curo is just $79 plus your hosting and domain, (about $130/year). In 2 years that’s a savings of $861! (Multiply that by 10 years, wow!)

$339 (Site, hosting, and support for 2 years)


A savings of $861!






HTML5 Ready

An HTML5 doctype allows you to use HTML5 elements on your page, including using the <video> tag to play video on iphones and ipads. You can also use any HTML5 element, although some browsers *cough IE* don’t fully support HTML5 yet.



Content Sliders

Content Sliders Galore

You don’t have to settle for one slider on your homepage anymore. Easily put widgetized content sliders wherever you want, as many times as you want.

Add Custom Widget Areas

More Sidebar Control

The Sidebar Commander is the most advanced way to control your widgets ever created! Add custom widget areas with a single click, and customize each widget is displayed.

Custom Image Theme Option

More Customization Control

A robust theme options page plus easy shortcodes and page templates gives you customization freedom.

24 Page Layout Combinations

24 Page Template + Layout Combinations

5 Page Templates: Contact form, default, blog page, widgetized page, and sitemap. 6 column layouts: full width, 2 column (x2), and 3 column (x3).



Need Support? We’ve Got You Covered.

Forum Support

Helpful Support

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

HD Video Tutorials

HD Video Tutorials

Learn how to do more with WordPress, the sky is the limit!


Partial Feature List

Curo has too many features to list all of them, but here are some important ones:

  • 5 page templates
  • 8 custom widgets
  • 9 color stylesheets + custom color pickers
  • 24 different layout options
  • Robust theme options page
  • CSS3 Button, box, and testimonial shortcodes
  • jQuery image slider widget
  • Custom logo uploader
  • Plugin compatible
  • HTML5 ready
  • Easy installation
  • No recurring fees
  • Built-in sitemap page
  • Unlimited pages, text, images, video, etc.
  • Media supported: all video and image file types
  • Website hosting: all WordPress compatible hosts (which is all good hosts)
  • Browser support: IE7+, recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, et al
  • Flexible SEO settings
  • Analytics code integration
  • Easy header and footer inserts
  • Built-in contact form
  • Commenting and blogging
  • Compatible with most shopping carts
  • Compatible with most email marketing software
  • Easily add custom CSS to make fast style changes


Charity Water

charity: water

A portion of each theme purchase is donated to charity: water to provide safe, clean drinking water to people in need. To date we have donated over $5,000 USD to help provide people with clean drinking water through proceeds from Press Coders theme sales. Help us raise more by purchasing a theme today! View our profile here.


More Than a Template

You’ve seen website templates, Curo is for those who want more.

When you want your business to grow, you need a website that can grow with it. Get more control and more features, without losing the ease of use.

Curo is more flexible, more powerful, and better looking than those other “do-it-yourself” solutions.

Customer Feedback

Here’s some unsolicited feedback from our members:

I am really enjoying Curo. Considering I had no previous knowledge of WordPress when I bought the template, I feel my web site is coming together nicely. Thank you for a great product.


Teresa Walters

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!! I love this! I think this is the BEST thing since sliced bread!! I spent over a thousand dollars last year on a website that sucked, and I never published it because it did. I didn’t have the money to invest in what I truly was looking for out of a graphic designer. But, with Press Coders, I have the power to create my dream site at my finger tips, and I get to take true ownership of it…I LOVE THIS!!!



Support Forum

Thanks so much Scott. I’m truly impressed with the quality of the theme and the plugins. The forum support you guys are offering is nothing short of incredible.


Abdi Ismail

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you both for your outstanding help and patience and quick response time while we were setting up our site over the past months. We’re very pleased and feel we have been in the good hands of two very skilled people (and their team).

We’ve had many questions, and you’ve always answered professionally to the most unprofessional of questions :-). Thank you for making it so easy for us to recommend your services and themes to others!


Jan Helge

and Ingvild Ostensen

I would just like to note to forum readers… anyone considering purchasing themes from the Press Coders guys should stop wasting time and money and do it already…the themes work great, they have lots of functionality, and the support is phenomenal. I always get same day answers to my questions and the answers are prompt and easy to understand. Put it this way: there is nothing I have wanted to do with my site that I have been unable to do.



Pediatech Nursing

Hi Scott, I want to thank you for your kindness, PATIENCE and amazing customer with your company. Getting this website up is a labor of love, but something I want to master.

Your videos are fantastic and very informative and easy to follow along. So well done and I hope more people let you know how user friendly you have made things.


Chris Mattice


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